Who we are

Combining over 50 years of on and off-shore experience OCULUS WorldWides‘ management team and founding members bring expertise in areas of:

• real estate finance & development, • sustainable, ultra low-energy building and design • project & construction development, management and financial services • risk and resource mitigation • full societal cost benefit analysis

OCULUS operates with a value-oriented approach to development and an ever-present emphasis on social and environmental responsibility. Leveraging methodologies recognized by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and National Sustainable Building Advisor Program (NaSBAP) we have and continue to develop cutting edge building technology and material sourcing solutions. With an increasing suite of patent and patent pending building products and assemblies, OCULUS will continue to drive triple bottom line (TBL) accountability into the products and solutions we offer our clients.

We have and continue to develop teaming agreements and joint-venture partnerships with domestic and international raw material suppliers, manufacturers, architectural firm and design build companies.

Our team manages each project carefully while keeping in mind national and international finance policies recognized by Certified Management Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Management, and Chartered Global Management Accountants.

Our founding members participate with and are members of the World Trade Council of Philadelphia PA and Orlando FL. The affiliations we have with nonprofit organizations further complement our goal and mission statements for our vision. We are committed to effectively managing each and every initiative.