Ranjiv Jain,


Ranjiv is the CEO and Strategist for OCULUS Worldwide, bringing over 25 years of Industry related management, sales and operations experience. His career began 1988 and focuses on industry specific eco friendly products and solutions. He has been involved in over 100 lifecycle development projects totaling over 25M in development. These projects range from single family remodels to multi-family land development projects. His expertise in development and certifications as both a LEED AP BD+C and certified sustainable building adviser are what guide his vision. The companies inception came after a modest 3M dollar portfolio was developed from the ground up. In 1998 as the market was in full recovery Ranjiv started Construction & Design Solutions, Inc. As the market presence for sustainable building practices grew, in 2008 the company started operating as and doing business as Northwestgreenbuilding, Inc. In 2012 Ranjiv co-founded OCULUS Worldwide to develop a complete supply chain of eco-friendly products including but not limited to a Patent Pending Building System, a strong financial management team (from the resulting merger with Gold Leaf Capital and OCULUS co-founder Marc Johnson) and professional services. Ranjiv maintains certifications as a LEED AP BD+C and Certified Sustainable Building Advisor, he earned is Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Washington.

    Matthias Wessel,

    SVP Sales / Managing Partner

    Matthias has enjoyed a career in the financial services industry since 2002. Starting his career off with Bank of America, he quickly grew through the ranks as a leader within multiple mortgage teams and call centers. As a Vice President, he has worked with all types of clients and C level executives. After spending ten years in financial services, Matthias left Bank of America to build a consulting company where he demonstrated success in business development and financial consulting. In addition to leadership and consulting, Matthias is passionate about networking to help organizations achieve their goals. Through his career, Matthias has had the opportunity to act as a trusted advisor connecting the investor, company and client for mutual success.


      Western Region Inside Sales Associate

      Looking for an individual in the Construction Industry with experience cold calling and generating leads. This individual has a track record of producing at least 10 qualified leads a week and supporting the outside sales force with customer follow up and relationship management.

        Gary Smith,

        Lead Counsel

        Founder and General Partner of Enterprise Law Associates LLC. Experienced in full spectrum of life science industry issues from early product research and development through commercialization, including finance/securities, intellectual property, business development, M&A, governance, regulatory, pre-clinical, clinical, manufacturing, marketing, sales and compliance

          Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP,

          Intellectual Property Counsel

          An intellectual property boutique, Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP was officially established on January 1, 2008. The firm has a common thread which connects the team of intellectual property professionals, most of whom have practiced together for decades.

            Mitchel Engineering,

            Chief Structural Engineer

            Mitchel Engineering Practices, has been the Engineer of Record for Ranjiv Jain and his endeavors since 1997. Mitchel Engineering helped validate engineering and safety of the many solutions Oculus has to offer including but not limited to, The Oculus Block System, The Oculus Floater, The Oculus Clip and the Oculus Hidden Fastener Panel system being used around the country on celebrity homes and projects from Coast to Coast. The firm is an asset to this organization maintaining the highest levels of safety and standards in for all our solutions.