Oculus worldwide is a supplier of Exterior Wall Cladding solutions. We work with well known manufacturers and fabricators throughout the United States, Canada and South America. We have a very focused offering that is based on national building standards. Offering one of the most flexible solutions on the market is our competitive advantage. We remain assembly agnostic, but believe in building relationships with our customers to lock in pricing for today's competitive needs. The industry expects ultra high-end cladding and wall assemblies. We put this expectation within reach by eliminating those in the middle.  We are the factory and fabrication facility. Our approach reduces the infrastructure complexities, fabrication and installation timelines and associated costs normally seen in this market.

We don't believe that just because it looks high end and is high end that we should charge a price that is unaffordable, which is why what we offer is a great solution for areas that are often overlooked. Whether you have a  failed EIFS system, are designing a complicated modern structure bringing together multiple forms and architectural details or contemplating an accent wall or detail on a residential or multifamily project our products and systems allow you to better maintain desired standards and finished details while reducing human interface. We allow you to realize greater building efficiencies with less workmanship mistakes compromising integrity and appearance.   If you're new to the world of Quoobox Systems, have a look at our Panel Assets and learn about what the AIA says with reference to Rain Screen, and why using a PERs or DVB system is the preferred method. Watch the video on the true science of a Rainscreen and how open gap systems will actually make your building last longer than traditional closed gap siding. If you're a do it yourselfer and want to save money as either the builder or contractor, we offer a complete solution including all the tools and expertise for your project to be successful. Our primary business is to be modern design suppliers in either the residential or commercial markets with products and solutions  to fit nearly any budget.

KEY ADVANTAGESAnti-Fungal protectionLightweight, reducing frame loading and installation costsAbility to be shaped and formed without loss of surface integrityHigh Strength and Rigidity - outstanding deflection and bending trengthGood Sound Insulation - reduces unwanted vibrational noiseEase of Installation - can be bent, cut, drilled, punched & stampedResistant to weather extremes, exposure and temperatureExcellent UV characteristics - retains color after long exposureSmooth Paint Finish - 3 layer PVDF, 70% Kynar 500Superior Flatness - ideal for creating smooth, monolithic surfacesHigh Impact ResistancePollution and chemical resistant finishExtremely low coefficient of expansionMinimal maintenanceWide ranging color choice available