Through our ongoing research, development and field testing, we identify, manufacture and source function-specific tools which makes our product installs simple. While you may find that one of our products works well for a purpose it was not designed for you will not find a product that works better, finishes cleaner or results in a higher-quality installation.. We maintain a constant focus on quality and will continue to delivery that quality at competitive prices. We provide up to date industry-relavant information to provide our customers with access to the latest and very best information available on the industries we serve. Wether from us or links to our competitors make sure to check with us frequently to keep your finger on the pulse of our industry.

3 1/2" BLADE

Our state of the art blade will fit in any off the shelf saw with only minor modifications. If you're a skilled carpenter or a skilled siding professional, you can use this blade and save lots of time. No more setting up guides, routers and hoping that it doesn't get away from you. Now you just setup a guide, set the depth and cut a line like you've been doing for years. the 3 1/2" blade is made from a softer metal designed expressly for cutting ACP or a thin guage meal (16 guage or less).

(volume discounts are available)

6 1/2" BLADE

This blade is made for production, you'll get a LOT of mileage from this, it is made of a high strengh tungsten steel, not an allow or soft metal. It can be sharpened over and over to last for years and years with proper care. Like its cousin the smaller blade it fits on virtually any saw with only minor modifications.

(volume discounts are available)


Fast, high strength tungsten steel manufactured bits for smooth cutting and panel scoring.